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Andy Hickes opened his architectural rendering office in Manhattan after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in with a degree in Architecture. He used traditional media for many years, primarily airbrush and switched to computer illustration in 1993.

In 1985 he founded NYSR, the New York Society of Renderers, (, and as president started the NYSR Portfolio, published every four years, to promote architectural illustrators.



1985 Appeared in the very first Architecture in Perspective exhibition competition in Boston in 1985 and was again honored when his recent work was selected for the October 2011 Architecture in Perspective 25 exhibition in Tokyo.

2003 Honored as Photoshop Guru of the Year in Illustration, at PhotoshopWorld-Los Angeles.

2007 Received the Master Award for Architectural Illustration in the first EXPOSE 1 publication.

2010 Work selected as VisMaster Image of the Week; honored twice as CGarchitect Visualization Pro of the Week in 2010 and again in 2011.

Hickes also served on the 2010 CGArchitect 7th Annual Architectural 3D International Awards jury.



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